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Denise Rue, LCSW is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma-focused therapy for adults dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief and loss, relationship and family issues, life transitions, self-esteem, codependency, and complex trauma. Through her compassionate counseling, she can help you find balance and create a life you love.

Trauma-Focused Psychotherapy

My approach to therapy begins with a firm belief in the inherent dignity of the individual. You aren’t damaged, nor do you need to be fixed. All symptoms—negative thinking, addictions, unhealthy coping strategies—develop to help you survive. Habitual ways of being, therefore, need to be seen through a lens of compassion and curiosity. I strive to create an atmosphere of respect and trust in which clients can safely explore their backgrounds, relationships, and inner workings of the mind, to help alleviate their suffering. 


To this end, I utilize an eclectic, psychodynamic approach, which may include:

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

  • Clinical Hypnosis

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Somatic Experiencing


I work with adults presenting with a wide variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief and loss, relationship and family issues, life transitions, self-esteem, and codependency. My specialties include complex trauma and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an effective tool for change in which the conscious part of the mind is bypassed while the subconscious mind remains alert and responsive to suggestions. Hypnosis is a natural state into which we enter many times during the day (e.g., daydreaming) and anyone who is willing and has the ability to imagine and to maintain a “ribbon of concentration” can enter into hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and the client is always in control. The unconscious mind holds a vast reservoir of healing potential. 

Conditions that can be addressed using hypnosis: 

  • Weight Issues & Eating Disorders

  • Habit Disorders

  • Fear & Anxiety Release

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Sleep Issues 

  • Chronic Pain

  • Autoimmune Disorders

  • Medical Conditions

Hypnosis is recognized as a safe and effective procedure by the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the National Institutes for Health, and many others.

Psychedelic Harm Reduction
& Integration

Having worked for several years at a legal psilocybin retreat in Jamaica, I was privileged to witness over one thousand mushroom sessions, and as many integration sessions. I feel uniquely qualified in assisting individuals in preparation for a psychedelic journey and in integration following the experience. 



The decision to use a psychedelic substance should be made with the utmost care and deliberation. Among the questions to consider:

  • Why do I feel drawn to use a psychedelic at this time? 

  • Which psychedelic substance am I drawn to (psilocybin, ayahuasca, DMT, MDMA, etc.) and why? 

  • Do I currently have a support system in place (friends, family, spiritual care, therapy)? 

  • What are the legal considerations? 

  • What is the best way to prepare for my journey? 



Integration means to make whole. Intentional integration is how we honor our psychedelic experience and how we muscle the insights, emotional breakthroughs, and mystical experience into our everyday lives. At times, aspects of a journey may be ineffable and so far out of the typical realm of our conscious mind, that finding meaning can be challenging. I draw on many modalities in integration work to help journeyers deepen their experience and create lasting life benefits. Avenues of exploration include:

  • Biographical & intergenerational trauma

  • Birth-perinatal matrices

  • Internal Family Systems or parts exploration 

  • Exploration of archetypes, myth, and ancient deities 

  • Examination of recovered memories

  • Dreamwork 

Please be aware that in most states, psychedelics remain illegal.  I cannot procure any psychedelic substances for you, act as a trip sitter during your psychedelic journey, nor refer you to anyone who could act as a guide.

15 Minute Consultation

Our 15 minute phone consultation is designed to help you discover how we can best support your needs and provide you with guidance. During the initial call, we will conduct an evaluation of your current situation and help you decide if psychotherapy is the right fit for you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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